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10 Creative Ways To Put Your Buyer Personas To Work Today

May 03, 2018 Hannah Eisenberg

Believe it or not, buyer persona research has a lot in common with New Year's resolutions. You craft them carefully, write them down with neat handwriting or in a pretty PowerPoint (depending on your preference) and you are all excited to put them into action! But after a while, they are forgotten about and collect dust. When you do happen to come across them, they induce an uncomfortable stab of nagging guilt.

You know you should put them to work. But how? To prevent your marketing from suffering "forgotten-target-persona-itis", here are ten practical and creative ways to get the most out of your buyer personas today:

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Why B2B Technology Marketers Shouldn't Rely On Keywords, But Content Clusters

February 27, 2018 Hannah Eisenberg

Do you remember the times when you were able to do a simple keyword research to kick-start your content marketing efforts?

You would cherry-pick the most promising ranking opportunities by selecting a few low-competiton, but high-volume keywords among hundreds or even thousands of keywords. Then you strictly optimized your content with the goal to show up in search engines high for that single target keyword.  And unless you had delusions of grandeur to rank for the search terms like "table" or "technology", with enough elbow grease and enough high-quality content, it was achievable.

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Confessions Of A Inbound Sales Bootcamper

December 01, 2017 Jeremy Eisenberg

Did you know, that, according to the 2017 Hubspot State of Inbound Report, most salespeople struggle with getting a response from prospects (38%), closing deals (35%), and identifying/prospecting good leads (30%)? Furthermore, on any challenge today's salespeople face, they feel prospecting is the hardest?

I do not know about you, but that is true for me. Like a lot of my peers, I am not a natural salesperson. I had no prior training before I started five years ago. I only know, I love working with people, learning more about their challenges, and figuring out how to help them. But it was hard. 

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What Every (U.S.) Marketer Must Know About The EU GDPR Compliance

November 22, 2017 Hannah Eisenberg

The European Union is known for its stricter-than-the-rest-of-the-world privacy laws, but the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has many marketers concerned as non-compliance can cost companies up to 4% of their last year's annual turnover! While this severe penalty is reserved for the most flagrant violators, as a marketer, even if you are not located in the European Union, you must know about these new guidelines as they will most likely affect you too.

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3 Ways To Prove That Your Marketing Efforts Contribute To The Bottom Line

August 08, 2017 Hannah Eisenberg

You just finished the last quarter. You pushed really hard to finish all planned campaigns, you reached your Sales & Marketing service-level-agreement numbers and you were extra careful to send out that last promotional email before the month ended. Now your boss wants to sit down to review efforts and plan out his or her total budget and budget distribution.

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3 Scary Stories Your Call To Action Buttons Are Telling You

June 09, 2017 Hannah Eisenberg

There is no question: Marketers understand the importance of creating quality content in their lead generation: According to the Content Marketing Institute, the average B2B marketer allocates 28% of their total marketing budget for content marketing. 53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. (Source

However, if you are spending so much energy, money, and time on creating quality content every month, shouldn't you make sure that your content actually converts into leads?

Today's marketers don't have a card blanche anymore. They are held accountable by their CMOs and CFOs to show a measurable return on investment! The sales teams are asking for a service level agreement between them and marketing to garantee a certain number of warm prospects for them to follow up with. 

Yet, the single biigest oversight that I see on company blogs today is the lack of a well-designed and optimized call to action - the very thing that allows visitors to take the next step, raise their hand to indicate interest, and download a resource.

A/B Testing Allows You To Quickly & Easily Optimize Your Call-To-Action Buttons

The simplest and most effective way to measure the performance of your CTA buttons is your Clicck-Through-Rate. Once you identify poor-performing ones, you can use A/B testing to test different variations and zoom into peak performaning ones.

Eventhough, creating an A/B test takes only a few minutes, only 44% of marketers employ A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of their work. Shouldn't be more 100%? Why wouldn't you check if a green button performs better then a red, yellow of blue button? The answer is simple: Many marketers think of A/B Testing of something highly technical.

Not only because of the technical sounding name that often scares off a lot of marketers — but also because of the results that you might find. They are afraid that they will have to fight an uphill battle to learn a new tool and methodology.  

So, instead of going into a whole technical how-to tutorial or a "why your really should use A/B Testing to find the most effective CTA buttons" rant, I thought I would share with you three real stories that CTA buttons would tell you if they could talk:

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How To Increase Organic Traffic with "Google Featured Snippets”

June 05, 2017 Zev Newman

Have you ever searched anything on Google and you came across an odd looking Google-scraped result that gives you the answer without having to click through to the website and search for it? This especially true for relatively common searches like recipes or how to instructions. You want to know the answer quickly, and you do not want to spend the next half hour combing the search results for the perfect directions.

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5 Inbound Marketing To-Dos You Should Check Off Before Microsoft Inspire

May 24, 2017 Hannah Eisenberg

With Memorial Day just around the corner, July 9th is coming up awfully fast. Especially, f you are the person tasked with doing the marketing and organizing your team's attendance to Microsoft's annual worldwide partner conference 'Inspire'. 

By now, you have probably booked your flights and hotel rooms and submitted your booth designs for approval if you are exhibiting

But there is so much more you can do to get your website, blog, and social media ready for the conference. Most companies, that exhibit at a major tradeshow will spend around $25,000 including the cost of the booth, travel expenses, swag and other related costs. As a marketer, it is your job to ensure you get the most out of this important conference.

And if you are wondering what you need to do, don't worry. Here are the five must-do things before you head out:

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Google AMP On HubSpot: How To Take Advantage Of This New Feature

April 27, 2017 Jeremy Eisenberg

A few weeks ago, I was planning a family trip for my mom's birthday. I scoured countless websites — mostly on my phone as I was waiting at my kids' gymnastic practice, for my dentist appointment or whenever I could grab a few minutes.

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5 Essential Stats You Can Now Track With The HubSpot Email Analytics Dashboard

April 21, 2017 Hannah Eisenberg

If you have you ever spent seemingly endless hours writing, editing, and revising a single email, you probably have asked yourself if all the effort is really worth it. 

I am with you. I still get the jitters. Even after having sent more than a hundred thousand emails in the name of my clients in the past 5 years, I still triple-check everything and hold my breath as I click "Send".

Once the send button is hit, there is no turning back! And then I wonder: How many of these hundreds or even thousands of people I am sending this to will actually take the time to really read it? I give it a few minutes and then check the analytics. How many people opened the email? How many clicked the CTA? And how many will unsubscribe?

This question isn't rhetorical anymore, because now there are answers! With the new HubSpot Email Marketing Dashboard, you can not only see how many people have opened your email, but also dive deeper into who clicked on what link, how many recipients read the email versus only skimmed the text.

Today, I want to walk you through five email marketing statistics you should be tracking every month as part of your inbound marketing program using HubSpot.

(And if you are not yet using HubSpot, contact me, and I will set you up a trial and walk you trough it!)

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