How To Write 10 Awesome Blog Posts in 10 Hours

By Hannah Eisenberg - June 12, 2015


I have a big confession to make: for the last two months I have been so busy with clients, I had barely time to breathe, let alone write any blog posts for our blog. So much has happened:

So much has happened: We signed on 4 amazing new clients over the past 6 weeks, my blog post "10 Actionable Tips to Craft a Killer Quiz" has been published on the Content Marketing Institute Blog, and we have been chosen as HubSpot's newest customer success story

As if that wasn't enough, we are also hiring a COS designer and an Inbound Marketer. Life has been good, and we are counting our blessings!

Consistency In Blogging Is Key

While these are all positive things, one of our business goals is to build a loyal audience and subscriber base with our blog. I have been blogging very consistently; publishing about two blog posts a week. 

Now, I have a hard time to find even the time to write one! 

Well, now in my busiest time, I will challenge myself to write ten blog posts in ten days and schedule them out so, they give me a little breathing room. 

Here is how I will do just that:

1) Choose The Topics Wisely

Some topics are harder to write than others because they need additional research or lots of other resources to create a value-add (e.g., infographics, SlideShare deck, etc.). But that does not mean, we should create fluffy me-too "I-am-only-writing-something-because-I-have-to" blog posts. 

No matter, what content you create, you should alway add value.

Having said that, you can pick How-To or tutorial topics of tasks that are hard to master but you recently worked on. Or you have recently created an eBook with 20 Must Have Features of XYZ, and you pick a few points from that content and expand on it. 

If you are stuck, use your keyword tool for inspiration. The HubSpot keyword tool gives you ranking opportunities that are keywords you already rank for (but not in the top 10), and you can relatively easily improve your search rankings for. 

2) Reuse, Repackage and Upcycle Your Content

You know, I am all for sustainability! But the same principles also apply for your content. Recycling is not only great for our environment, it will also give your website more life.

There are two reasons for this: Humans have a limited capacity to consume content but crave more quality content and Google bot spiders have a small budget of sites they can crawl on your website, so trimming some of that fat and turning into muscle (to stay with the metaphor) is a good thing.

In other words: If you consistently publish outstanding content, why not see if you can reuse, repackage and upcycle some of it as well. 

Spend a few minutes going through your blog posts:

  • Can write a post that curates a few of your blog posts in a useful manner?
  • Or maybe there is an outdated post that needs a refresh because the data you used is not accurate anymore, but the overall concept still stands? If yes, add more value and republish. 

Look through your work schedule in the next few days.

  • What could you use as blog post material?
  • Even if you are onboarding a new employee and you explain them a particular tool you are using because it makes you more efficient, or you have a report to finish - look for possibilities. 

Oh, and, of course, check your drafts folder. I am sure you have some hidden gems in there that you started already but never finished. Read them again, see if you still like the direction it is going and finish it. 

3) Make A Plan & Update Your Editorial Calendar

Before you start typing away, give yourself another ten minutes to plan. Write down all of your blog post topics in your editorial calendar.  

Are there any synergies that you can leverage? Can you create one piece of content that you can reuse somehow in the next blog post? Is there one topic that you could research but you can break it down into several steps and write a post on each? 

Conclusion: Blogging Is Hard, But A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

There is no question unless you have all the time in the world, and you are a professional writer, blogging on a consistent basis is hard. But it is possible! So, just give yourself the time to plan and make your life a lot easier in the long run. 

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