5 Reasons To Love The HubSpot COS

By Hannah Eisenberg - November 09, 2015

I love the HubSpot COS. In fact, I love it so much, I sometimes cannot contain myself, and I tweet the HubSpot COS team a little love note.


So, today I wanted to share with you my top five reasons why I love it and you will too. Before we dive right in, one comment: Without a doubt, the biggest reason why you should move your website on the HubSpot COS is that it natively integrates your marketing automation and lead generation with the tool it runs on.

But since this goes without saying, here are my top five reasons after that one why the HubSpot COS is worth it:

1) Smart Content: Creating Dynamic Experiences Based On Who Is Visiting Your Website

Let's start with one of the most exciting reasons of all: Smart Content! Your website gets all kinds of visitors: strangers, existing customers, new leads, hot opportunities and loyal brand advocates. They all have different needs and goals; so why would you treat them all the same? A well-designed website is not an all-you-can-eat-buffet! It is your job as an inbound marketer to lead your visitor down the best path that you chose for them. I cannot stress the importance of that enough. 

Smart content, or contextual marketing, will help you with that as it enables you to put your existing content into CONTEXT by allowing you to lean on what we know about a visitor and create a website that acts accordingly. 

2) Built-in Mobile Responsiveness

It is safe to say that any online marketer, who hasn't lived under a rock the past five years, knows that serving our mobile visitors with a proper mobile responsive website has become crucial. But to just cement that fact a little further, here are three vital facts to keep in mind: There has been a 1525%(!) increase in mobile data usage forecasted between 2010 and 2015 (Source:  Mediative), Google has made mobile responsiveness a part of its search algorithm ranking factors and according to Statistica.com, almost half of organic search engine visits (45%) in the United States come from mobile devices.

With the HubSpot COS, you will always have a website that is mobile responsive. The COS is built on the Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework - so every design you build using the HubSpot template builder will be inherently responsive and beautiful no matter what device your visitors are using. While this is not a magic pill, it gives you a core structure as a responsive grid framework that you can fill.

3) Ease of Use (Even If You Are Not A Developer)

As a marketer, you can create website pages, landing pages and blog posts easily and without any technical knowledge.

At Inbound 2015, Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan announced a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Really-Get editor that allows content creators to see how the content will appear right then in there instead of having to save and preview it. This editor as of right now still has a few kinks that need to worked out but overall it is an enormous improvement in terms of productivity.

If you do want to venture into the world of changing elements on your page that are not currently flexible in your template that you are using, you can edit the template in an easy to use drag and drop template builder. If you do now know what you are doing just yet, always create a copy before making your edits and then have some fun trying it out. It is amazing how you can change the look and feel of your page like that.

You can also ask your developer to define global groups, wich are basically elements that are grouped together and are universally available. A great example would be a global footer, a global header or a product group that includes a product title, subheader, image slider, short product description, pricing information and product details. Once defined, they can be simply added in the template manager with a simple click.

4) Analytics & Insights On How To Improve Your Content


While you get some suggestions for improvements for your WordPress pages - for example if you have plugins like Yoast SEO installed, you will get SEO improvement tips as well as inbound marketing suggestions in the HubSpot editor simply by clicking the little optimize icon.

Enter some longtail keywords that you are trying to "optimize" your blog post for. This connects to your HubSpot keyword tool so it will pull suggestions as you type but also add new ones as you add them here.

In the image on the right, you see some of the optimization suggestions for this blog post before editing. This gives me an indication that I am using certain words too many times, which is seen at as a potential spamming attempt by search engines and simply annoying to read for users. 

But the insights and performance analysis is not limited to only single blog posts or web pages. With the sources report, page performance tool and the blog performance tool you can see which content is driving the most traffic, leads, and conversions. 

5) Outstanding Support & Security

Last but not least, who do you call when your WordPress website is down? Your developer? Your hoster? Your boss? With HubSpot, you call the amazing HubSpot support team. While the HubSpot guys cannot help with every development issues that your developer creates, you have a knowledgeable team of HubSpot experts at your fingertips that will often go above and beyond of what is expected to try to help you make it right. 

On major advantage of the HubSpot COS is its built-in security features. Each customer web session gets encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Other security measures include dedicated firewalls and VPN services, enterprise intrusion detection, web application firewalls, DDoS migration services, proactive scanning and network testing through third parties such as McAfee Scan Alert and TrustWave, as well as comprehensive logging of all application access paths.

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