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Hannah Eisenberg is the CEO and Chief Inbound Marketer at 3P Creative Group, a full-service inbound marketing agency in Highland Park, NJ.
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[Data] 2016 Sales Priorities for IT and Software Companies

December 07, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

Now with Thanksgiving and all the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Week craziness behind us, the end of the year is fast approaching. Every year, when things calm down between Christmas and New Years, I like to take a step back and reflect upon the last year. What has worked and what hasn't? And as a result of that, I think about my priorities for the next year.

Whether you are similarly inclined or simply want to understand what has moved IT and tech companies in 2016, a great way to start is to take a closer look at the HubSpot State of Inbound Report of 2016 (you can download a full copy of the report here).

I pulled out some of the key stats around marketing and sales priorities in the tech industry. 

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5 Surprising Ways To Spend Your Left-Over Marketing Budget To Drastically Boost Your Marketing Success in 2017

December 01, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

It's official — there are just a few short weeks in 2016 and 2017 is going to be a big year for your company.

But in order to keep your marketing budget from shrinking next year, you need to make sure to spend all left-overs.

However, since more and more CMOs and marketing directors will have to proof a return-on-investment to show that they spend theor budget wisely, blowing it on a random paid search campaign is just a waste of money.

So what to do? Simple! You invest it in something that will give you a head-start for 2017!

Depending on how much money you have to spend and what your goals are for 2017, there are many things you can do — for example, you could optimize your existing blog posts for lead generation and search engine optimization (~$1,000), you could design an infographic (~$750) or test new call to actions for your website (~$50/CTA). For more ideas check out this blog post by HubSpot for even more possible end of year action items

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How HubSpot Uses Service Level Agreements To Align Marketing & Sales

November 28, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

If you are a HubSpot sales manager, you will get an email every night from your friends on the marketing team. This email includes a chart outlining how marketing is performing against its monthly goal to deliver a pre-defined number of quality leads. The underlying strategy and alignment of the two teams that results from this shared information has been a major contributor to the company's growth in the past six years!

If you have been following Hubspot, the #1 marketing automation solution worldwide, for a while, you will know that the company is somewhat fanatical about their growth! Only a few weeks ago at their yearly Inbound conference, the founders of HubSpot, Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan, shared with an audience of 19,000+ marketers, sales people, journalists, and agency partners that HubSpot is now helping 21,000 customers in 90 countries to grow using inbound marketing, lead generation, and sales enablement. 

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5 Reasons Why Requesting Web Design Proposals Will Set You Up To Fail

November 21, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

Does this sound familiar? It is Friday afternoon; you are ready to wrap up your week, and your boss walks into your office, saying: "Oh, I forgot! We must get our website redone asap! Can you quickly call up some web design companies? Just get five proposals including pricing and then we can decide at the team meeting on Monday which we should go with."

Sound familiar? However, you know, it is not that easy. Finding a website company that is good is difficult enough.

However, shopping for a website redesign is like shopping for a new car — but hopefully without the pushy salespeople. You might not need to get the prettiest or fastest car, but there are significant differences between an oversized flatbed truck, a used family minivan, or a sleek city-ready hatchback. So what you are shopping for really depends on what you need. 

As with shopping for cars, the type of website you need depends on your goals and needs — and therefore you will need to find a web designer who really can help you achieve those. 

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Change or Die: Why Innovative Companies Embrace SCRUM For Peak-Performing Websites

September 20, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

Prior to the tragic events of 9/11, several FBI agents saw suspicious behavior from individuals on watch lists. Each agent witnessed different events, but there was no central source to look up or collaborate on this. Analysts and FBI field agents couldn't get the information they needed. As it was stated in the 9/11 Commission Report later: "The FBI's information systems were woefully inadequate. The FBI lacked the ability to know what it knew: there was no effective mechanism for capturing or sharing its institutional knowledge." Reports were printed out three times and files as paper records. Databases were siloed. "We had the information that could have stopped 9/11. It was sitting there and was not acted upon..." Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont told the Washington Post.

The government set to change that by updating the FBI's computer systems that would link all information. Initially launched as Virtual Case File (VCF) that cost taxpayers $170 million but was never used. It failed miserably. A second attempt to update the antiquated IT systems was called Sentinel, which was launched in 2005.
However, Sentinel took quickly a turn for the worse. Almost 5 years later, and $405million deep into the $451 million budget, only half of the project was developed and the third-party contractor was already a year behind. Not ready to sink more money into the project without anything to show for, the internal team knew it was time for a drastic change. 
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How to Adjust Your Content Strategy to Fit Today's Mobile-First Consumer

September 12, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

Today, HubSpot published its "State of Inbound 2016" Report (you can download the full report at the end of this blog post), and we got to take a sneak peek! In previous years, this annual study has served to take the pulse of the current marketing and sales priorities all over the world by surveying thousands of marketers in various industries.

We took a closer look at the data and, over the next few days, we will share with you some incredible insight that we have gleaned. One of the biggest "Aha!" discoveries for us was in content marketing. The report confirmed observations we have made over the past 12 months: The way people CONSUME content changed in three very important ways that will have consequences affecting how we marketers approach and create content from now on.

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58 Inbound Marketing Ideas That You Should Be Doing, But Aren't (Yet)

August 19, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

One of my absolute favorite Inbound Marketing success stories comes from my friend, Marcus Sheridan, who saved his pool company from bankruptcy by answering all the burning questions that prospective pool owners had on his blog. He poured all his knowledge, lots of time and devotion into this blog.

Today his pool company is not only outranking other vendors for their brand names but he is so in demand, he has his inbound marketing consulting agency where he and his team teach other people to do the same. Why was he so successful? Because he did something that no one else did. He went the extra mile!

Can you do the same? Absolutely. You have to do all that Marcus did — but that won't be enough anymore. The problem is, everyone is catching on now. Almost everyone is blogging now, and 76% of B2B marketers planning to produce more content than ever in 2016. So, you have to stand out among the rest. Go than go the extra mile.

Today, we will give you a head start with these 58 things you should already be doing, but you probably aren't.

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5 Cool Ways To Convert Your SaaS Trial Sign-Ups Into Customers With Content

August 12, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

At the beginning of the year, we switched payroll systems.

We wanted to use a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution that would enable us to quickly pay contractors and employees, while painlessly managing all of our small business HR needs, such as vacation and overtime.

We did a lot of research, we talked to a bunch of sales reps and started a few trials.

Moreover, while the solutions were almost identical — how many times can you reinvent the same HR wheel, right? — the sales approaches could not have been more different. 

Some sales reps were rude and provided no additional information beyond what we had already found on the website, while others were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They sent us helpful follow-up emails, made sure the trial was set up correctly, and that we knew our way around the product. Needless to say, we went with the helpful company. 

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Pokémon Go Marketing: Fad or Opportunity? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

August 03, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

The average Monday morning is surreal enough as you sit down and struggle to settle back into work, all before the caffeine has even fully kicked in.

But Monday, July 11th, was even more surreal than usual. My Twitter feed was invaded by Pokémons. I checked Facebook and LinkedIn and got the same results. I remember calling my husband and feeling a little confused about what the heck Pokémon Go was.  

By now, there probably isn't anyone who does not know what it is, so let's skip that whole song and dance. 

For the first few weeks, watching hundreds of people walking all over the city like brainless lemmings staring at their screens and hunting little virtual beings in an augmented reality was fascinating. It was all fun and games — like having a front-row seat at a mass sports event. 

However, smart business owners quickly figured out that there is money to be made.

Lots of money.

With virtually no investment and a skyrocketing return on investment. 

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Why "How Often Should I Redesign My Website?" Is The Wrong Question To Ask

July 28, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

When I was seven years old, we went to the Monza racing track. A friend of my parents had some connections, and we got to watch the Formula 1 race cars do practice rounds. 

It was amazing. We marveled at the amount of noise the cars made as they roared by.

When they finally had finished, we got to sit in one of the racing cars. It was a red Ferrari with huge tires and its body almost laying on the ground.

Sitting in this car, even as a 7-year old, I could feel the enormous power pulsing through it. 

Lats week I was reminded of this precious childhood memory when I was talking with a potential client about a possible inbound marketing retainer. 

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