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Confessions Of A Inbound Sales Bootcamper

December 01, 2017 Jeremy Eisenberg

Did you know, that, according to the 2017 Hubspot State of Inbound Report, most salespeople struggle with getting a response from prospects (38%), closing deals (35%), and identifying/prospecting good leads (30%)? Furthermore, on any challenge today's salespeople face, they feel prospecting is the hardest?

I do not know about you, but that is true for me. Like a lot of my peers, I am not a natural salesperson. I had no prior training before I started five years ago. I only know, I love working with people, learning more about their challenges, and figuring out how to help them. But it was hard. 

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Google AMP On HubSpot: How To Take Advantage Of This New Feature

April 27, 2017 Jeremy Eisenberg

A few weeks ago, I was planning a family trip for my mom's birthday. I scoured countless websites — mostly on my phone as I was waiting at my kids' gymnastic practice, for my dentist appointment or whenever I could grab a few minutes.

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12 Reasons Why You Should Clean Out Your Lead Database Today

March 03, 2016 Jeremy Eisenberg

This morning I read a very interesting blog post by HubSpot on how they increased their organic website traffic by more than 50% by auditing their website and tweaking their technical search engine optimization.

And I couldn't agree more: Technical SEO is something we have to keep working on regularly. But most of us like to avoid thinking about it as it is a tedious and boring job weeding through the 301 redirects, backlinks, and 404 pages to present a clean and easy to crawl website to search engines.   

We will deal with it once and then push it to the back of our minds. We will deal with it one day — you know, when we have time... But it slowly decays. It becomes messy, unorganized, and therefore, less effective.

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Google Update: How To Find Out If Your Website Mobile-Responsive

April 15, 2015 Jeremy Eisenberg

In just a few days, on April 21st to be precise, Google is going to significantly alter their ranking algorithm based on how mobile friendly your site is. Having a proper mobile site has probably been a ranking factor for a while already, now it will be a "major" factor, positive or negative.

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What Comes First: New Website Or Content?

March 03, 2015 Jeremy Eisenberg

I have to admit, the whole who-was-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg situation is intriguing to me.

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5 Signs You Are Writing For The Wrong Buyer Persona

January 28, 2015 Jeremy Eisenberg

About a year ago, I wrote a snazzy little blog post called How to Add Picasa Albums to Your WordPress Site in Under 2 Minutes. It is useful and interesting. I know that because every day people read it.

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How 10 Brands Succeeded and Failed At #Blizzardof2015

January 27, 2015 Jeremy Eisenberg

Do you remember Oreo's You Can Still Dunk in the Dark Tweet during the SuperBowl Blackout? This tweet was retweeted almost 15,000 times. The company received thousands of new Twitter followers and nearly 20,000 new Facebook likes.

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1 Thing All Farmers (& Marketers) Should Do This Winter

January 23, 2015 Jeremy Eisenberg

If you are like most farmers (at least in a region where winter is cold), you use the wintertime to order seeds, get your crop schedule in order, get your equipment repaired, your books done, and the next year's CSA memberships sold. You might attend some conferences and you also talk to your vendors.

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10 Signs Your SEO Company Is Ripping You Off

January 16, 2015 Jeremy Eisenberg

When James W. Marshall found gold on January 24th, 1848 in at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, CA he had no idea that 300,000 more gold-seekers, called "forty-niners" would come to Califonia to make quick money. Some lucky ones made a fortune, most barely survived.

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HubSpot Certifications - Do you know what they mean?

January 13, 2015 Jeremy Eisenberg

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is hard. Especially, when there is no really hard and fast way to compare them all.

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