Raven Tools New Reporting & Dashboard Engine

By Jeremy Eisenberg - September 24, 2014

Imagine, you have a new client and you have your first monthly review meeting at 10AM. And you just got back from a conference, your kid was sick and there was a traffic jam on the way to work. It's 9AM and you are panicking. You still have to put together the report to show the progress you made last month... and to top it all of your client asks you to send over the report because he will not make it in time to the office.

Take a deep breath... The new Raven Tools interactive Reports and Dashboard are here!

They were launched only a few hours ago and Organic SEO Press was one of the lucky few to get a sneak peak.

No One Reads A 400-Page SEO Report Anymore

The trouble with SEO reports is, they are long, tedious and overwhelming.

The client does not care about your output (telling him about the 1824 alt images attributes or the 46 broken links you fixed will probably put him to sleep).

Clients care about the outcome: How much did you move the dial, how much have their rankings improved and how much more qualified traffic were you able to attract with the right keywords.

New Interactive Raven Reports

Raven obviously felt my pain (and that of my peers) and revamped their reporting functionality to make it easier to create, edit and view reports that focus on outcomes, rather than outputs.

Log into your Raven Tools and go to "Reports" than click "Add". A screen will appear asking you to make a selection.

Raven Tools Reporting engine metric choices overview

Click on the desired category and you have a choice of more options that belong to that category.

Besides all the categories we know and love in Raven, there are more great features: You can build your own custom widget, you can include a text summary anywhere in the report and you can attach a file from either Dropbox or Google Drive.

Raven Tools custom widget builder

To create a custom widget, choose the metric you want to show, the widget type and options (if available), give it a name and which section you want it in.

You can also easily arrange the tiles with drag & drop in order to prioritize them.

Rearrange report in Raven Tools

Redesign Puts Data Center Stage

The dashboard as well as the report itself have a much more modern, sexier feel to it with plenty of white space to allow the data to stand out. Creating a report for different time periods is a snap: just set a date for the report, month, week, 6 months, and if applicable all widgets will use those dates.

With the new reporting tool, you will save yourself time by creating a short version for the presentation as the tool will create a share-able link to a mobile responsive report upon publishing. This report can be scheduled to auto-generate and send an updated report on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Role Specific Reports

Remember, that no one will read a 400 page report? And it does not make sense.

Raven allows marketing managers with different levels of expertise (social media, SEO, content etc.) to report on each of their metrics.

Or you might want to create reports with different levels of depth depending on who you are reporting to: marketing, the VP of sales or the CEO.

Other Issues & Bugs

I find the graphs hard to read, but I imagine this will be improved upon. I reported a few bugs with moving things around but those seems to have been sorted out now.

What About You?

Are you using Raven Tools already? Have you had a chance to give it a spin yet?

If you are not a Raven Tools customer, you can sign up here, and as an FYI, we get a referral credit if you do.
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