Why Brick and Mortar Stores Need Local SEO - Infographic

By Hannah Eisenberg - December 27, 2013

Do you have a traditional brick and mortar stores and rely on foot traffic and advertisement in newspapers or flyers to make more sales? Do you have website and a Facebook page for informational purposes but you are not really doing much with it? Are online shopping malls such as Amazon the real threat to your business?

Think again!

75% of the consumer spending is done within 15 miles of the average American front door.

While Amazon.com and other huge online shopping moguls make huge revenue numbers, most spending is done locally, but researched online before!

Online Search Is A Huge Opportunity Missed By Local Stores

86 million people search for local business information

Online search has skyrocketed in the last year with 63% more local searches. This is partially due to the rise smartphones. People rely on smartphones for information when they are on the go: on vacation, navigating on the road, finding the nearest Italian restaurant or when shopping.

1 out of 2 local purchases made in a store was researched before online

Most people will start searching for something at home on their PC or tablet with very general terms, such as "winter shoes", and then narrow down results by brand, type of product, material, and price. Three out of four people are not ready to buy yet at this point.

They want to explore all available options and narrow it down to what they like best. Once they found what they like, they will look into local results - most will prefer to try on their shoes first, feel them, see them and walk in them.

Local Search Customers Come Ready to Buy

If your local store is one of the results, chances are you get that customer:

86% will follow-up with a call or a visit to the store within one hour, 78% will make a purchase.

This is a huge opportunity most local businesses are missing out.

If your business can show up and rank well in the 50 best social media and business review sites as well as Google Maps with your correct address, phone number and store hours as well as an option for driving directions, more customers will find their way to you faster, happier and ready to buy.

And you can cut down your advertisement budget as organic search results are here to stay if your website is kept active. That means, even if you don't pay anymore for local SEO services after your initial investment of $600 - $1,500 a month for 6 months is, you still reap the benefits of your investment. But if you switch off advertisement, you immediately switch off the benefits as well.

$10.3 billion are lost in sales every year

Most businesses know about Yelp, Foursquare and Google+ and may even have a listing and reviews on those sites. But hundreds of millions of users are visiting many more social media and business listing sites every day. They look for a recommendation for a great nanny, a review of the new bistro cafe or seek reassurance about the credibility of a contractor they are about to hire.

The scary part is that you don't need to add your listing, those sites scrape the web for business information. You have to claim the listing about your business and correct any wrong or add missing information.

However, if you do not claim your listing because you do not know it exists or you simply do not have the time for going through all the sites, you have no control over the quality of the information. And the consequences are disastrous: Almost half of the businesses that actually have a listing have a missing or wrong address because, for example, they have moved locations. 18% have a wrong or missing phone number which leaves customers frustrated with your business.

Why Brick and Mortar Stores need Local SEO - Local Stores are missing big opportunities by not optimizing for local search

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