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By Hannah Eisenberg - June 29, 2014

June Blog PostsPhew... I don't know about you, but June was an incredibly busy month for us here at Organic SEO Press. But as a growing agency, we are never complaining about too much work!

So, just in case you missed our updates, here are our 5 hottest blog posts from June:

The Amazon Whisperer - Agile or Inbound Product Management

Have your heard of the famous Seth Godin quote "Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers"? The Amazon Whisperers do just that! They make products based customer feedback on existing expressed in an Amazon review. Very intriguing story.

15 Inbound Marketing Ideas For Brick & Mortar Stores

If you are a small business owner or run a local store, this is a must read for you. We compiled a list of 15 actionable todos to improve your marketing, your SEO and your website to generate more leads and close more customers!

Study: Inbound Marketing With HubSpot vs. Without

Considering if HubSpot is worth the money? Or should you give Inbound Marketing a try? Then this blog posts is for you as it shows a study of 14 Inbound Marketing clients - seven with HubSpot and 7 without. The results are astounding!

How To Write A Blog Post If You Are Not A Writer

If you struggle to finally hit that publish button on your first or twentieth blog post, you want to check this one out. Jeremy outlines in 10 easy to follow tips on how to overcome that blockade and become a better writer - and you do not even have to go through the Copyblogger training.

Interview With A HubSpot Sales Rep

We had the opportunity to ask Brian Moseley, HubSpot Account Manager a few question on why the sales process with Hubspot is not salesy at all, his predictions on the future of marketing and much more.

What about you?

What was your favorite story in June?


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