Content Sharing: There Is No Easy Button In Marketing

July 10, 2014 Hannah Eisenberg 0 Comments

easy button marketingRecently I had a conversation with a lovely gentleman who wanted to refer me business.

He owns a website design firm that has been doing great in the past 10 years or so and he is specialized in financial advisory websites.

The client can choose from some templates and color schemes, then the "web designer" will build them a cookie-cutter static HTML website. The same navigation, the same structure, maybe even the same content for every client.

Once the website is launched, there is not much happening. The crickets are chirping, the tumbleweed is blowing by...

They need help. Quickly and hopefully cheap because they just spend 80% of their annual marketing budget on a static website.

Wanted: Cheap & Quick Marketing Fix

That is usually when people are looking for an easy fix. Hire quickly an SEO company to add some keywords in the back-end. Or some other magic trick to fix something and finally get some traffic.

And that is when content sharing schemes are very appealing. They seem to have the answers to your prayers. Most of the people I have encountered in this scenario were either in law or finance.

Content Sharing Schemes

This kind of content scheme often provides:

  • Copy for website pages
  • "Premium" content offers
  • Content and Images for landing pages
  • Business coaching and webinars
  • Internal business directories

The idea is amazing - if you are the "industry expert" that is. The margins you are making are enough to start planning a vacation home in Martha's Vineyard.

But if you are at the client's end of this deal, you are not planning to go anywhere fast for a while.

They belonged to a network headed up by an "industry expert" with a recently published best seller or a TV Show appearance under their belt.

He or she produces or has someone produce some smart sounding boilerplate content that is being shared with hundreds, if not thousands of other lawyers or financial advisory websites.

But the world has changed... easy does not cut it anymore.

Why Quick & Easy Will Not Get You Ranked

Getting ranked on search engines requires a lot of hard work and patience.

In today's crowded internet, you have to check all the boxes and have an integrated marketing strategy to target the right buyer persona, nurturing them into leads and eventually customers - and that is hard work.

There is no magic wand, no pixie dust.

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