How Dell Used Inbound Marketing to Increase Pipeline Revenue 10x in 3 months

By Hannah Eisenberg - April 03, 2014

Two dogs playing symbol of Sales and Marketing Tug of WarIs your sales team complaining about the quality of leads you are sending them? You are not alone.

In many organizations the alignment, or rather misalignment, between marketing and sales organization is a cause of great frictions. Instead of pulling in one directions, both often feel they play on different sides all together. This issue costs businesses billions of dollars in potential revenue every year!

There are many ways to solve this problem. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Marketing and Sales could be instituted, the incentive program for employees could be overhauled or the entire organization could be restructured.

Dell just did the latter.

Dell's Success is a Slam Dunk for Inbound Marketing

In a recent case study, Hubspot featured Dell's Lead Concierge Program and the success they have seen with it:

In 2011, Dell had very little online leads. They started implementing the Lead Concierge Program in Latin America. The results are immediate - withing three short months their pipeline revenue increased by over 100% for online inbound leads - leading to a ten fold increase in their pipeline revenue.

What is their secret?

Lead Nurturing

In the Inbound Methodology, leads are nurtured into customers. You don't just go out, pitch something and push your customer to buy it. You build a personal relationship, educate them. Dell understood that passing on cold leads to the sales team after someone filled out an online form is not effective. Instead, they nurture them.

Now, when someone fills out an online form, within an hour they will have a real PERSON follow up with them. This person is now able to qualify the lead even further, get more information about what specifications are required and to what conditions. This lead is warm and sales needs to work less hard, but smarter to convert them into a customer.

On the other side, this customer now has had a great buyer experience. Since all prior communication was targeted with a specific buyer persona in mind and the contact person started to build a relationship, the customer has already emotional ties to Dell before even receiving his product.

That is marketing made personal!

How do you nurture your leads?

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