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By Hannah Eisenberg - August 07, 2014

Everybody is investing in content nowadays. Creating great content and then sharing it with 42.5 Twitter followers is simply not going to get attention anymore. If you are not convinced, read my blog post The Biggest Lie in Inbound Marketing.

You need a little boost. And the best way to get this boost is by building genuine relationships with top influencers. But how do you find them?

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BuzzSumo is an awesome tool to start - we even featured it in our Hack Your Content Marketing With These 10 Awesome Tools blog post.

It offers tons of free functionality, but a little bird twittered they are about to launch a Pro version at the end of the month that will include lots of new features, e.g., content alerts and analysis reports, as well as 12 months' worth of data to search through.

It can be used to find the most shared content, but today we will use it to find some influencers to reach out to and to act as multipliers for our content.

How To Use The BuzzSumo Influencer Search

BuzzSumo Influencer Search  DetailGo to BuzzSumo Influencer Search - navigating to it from the home page can be a bit frustrating.

Enter Your Desired Keyword

Enter your keyword that you are looking to find influencers for. You can include the search operator "OR" to search for several words of phrases at the same time or use @ and the Twitter handle you want to exclusively search for.

Filter Your Results

Select Bloggers (well you actually have to deselect everything else) and check ignore broadcasters. This will allow you to filter those people out that only post, but hardly reply or re-tweet. Unless you have thousands of results or need a specific time frame, choose Past 6 months.

Analyze Your Results

The search will return results sorted by relevancy by default. Have a look at the bloggers one by one, check out their blog and Twitter profile. You can get a lot of insight by just reading the information pulled over by the tool.

You can also sort by Page Authority score and Domain Authority Score, which are an indication how much authority the single web page and the entire website carry respectively. 100 is the highest, 0 the lowest.

Choose the bloggers that fit your criteria

Going after only the most influential bloggers out there is setting you up for failure. Find bloggers with high influence but are still approachable. Choose bloggers that have relatively high domain authority and a decent social following paired with a high retweet rate.

BuzzSumo Influencer Search Act on Results

BuzzSumo allows you to follow and tweet the influencer from right within the tool as well as add them to an existing Twitter list or if you don't already have a list, create one.

BuzzSumo Influencer Search Create Twitter List

Create and build lists that are specific to certain groups. Take the time to properly research them before you decide which list they should go in.

And now it is time to start connecting with them.

Have fun and remember to always build a relationship, add value - don't spam!

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