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By Hannah Eisenberg - August 08, 2014

90% of conference calls are spent finding out if everyone is there yet. That is the result of a recent study by the Federation of Small Businesses.

How many hours a day do you spend scheduling meetings, dialing into conferences and wondering if someone opened your email while you are waiting for them to respond?

Well, say hello to Signals, and UberConference. Those little buddies will get you back hours of free time in your week.

Email & Lead Intelligence with Signals by HubSpot

I only recently came across Signals and I am loving it. Signals is a Chrome Extension that lives in your browser. It is free and you do not have to be a HubSpot customer to use it.

It integrates with your Gmail and tracks who opens and clicks on your emails, it lets you schedule your emails ahead of time to make sure your contacts get your emails when you want them to get them. This is neat as you can email yourself reminders at a specific time.

However, if you are using HubSpot, Signals will notify you when your leads are visiting your website. You can also direct add a contact as a lead to HubSpot if you get an offline referral.

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Hassle-free Meeting Scheduling with

Google Chrome takes the hassle out of scheduling one on one meetings. Just install the extension, connect your Google Calendar (or a different calendar app as it works with many more), open a new browser Window and you are all set. As you are responding to an email, you can include a choice of time slots that are available for meetings.

Your contact views the appointment times in their time zone and can click on the time it suits him or her. That means no more double bookings and it can send you reminders.

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Smarter Conferencing With UberConference

I worked for SAP for 10 years and some days I felt like all I was doing was dialing into conferences. The first 10 minutes were spent asking if anyone is there yet. I literally laughed out loud and signed up right away after I watched this video because it is exactly how I felt every single day:

And as we were just evaluating new conferencing tools for our company, I am so going to try UberConference. It has a gorgeous, clean user interface (which I am always a sucker for) and is easy to use. And it is free for up to 10 users, I can hold as many conferences (or as little...) as I want, I can share my screen, record calls if I need to and so much more.

The Chome Extension allows you to launch the web application with a click of a button and send desktop notifications.

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