Get the most out of Pinterest marketing

By Hannah Eisenberg - September 06, 2012

Is Pinterest marketing for your business?

  • Are you serving the right demographics (mostly women between 25-34 years old)
  • Are your customers likely to use it?
  • How will your customers be using it?

Here are my top five Pinterest business marketing tips

  1. Be pin-able! That goes without saying, but ... make sure you have "Pin It" buttons on your website. Like the one on this page! Try it out and pin our blog post on your Pinterest board!
  2. Be pretty! Make it visually appealing to get attention. Pinterest users scroll through a lot of images and cherry pick the ones that are most appealing to them.
  3. Be clear! The graphic or photo needs to state what they get out of reading your post. You have about 10 seconds!
  4. Be clever! Entertain and inform. Post creative Infographics.
  5. Be short! Don't pin graphics that are super long (more than 190 pixel long is too long), because users are likely to repin if they have to scroll for a minute.
  6. Be big! Pinners love pins like "100 best summer sewing tutorial", "50 ways to get your house clean", etc.
  7. Be selfless! Share the love and do pin things that represent your ideals, customer's interests and useful items such as tutorials. It might take some time, but you will create more followers and get some love back.
  8. Be inspired! Follow some big guys to learn how to pin effectively. Big brands include Wholefoods - almost 75k followers and Etsy - almost 156k followers.

Pinterest Facts Infographic




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