Google Dominates Tablet Market With Android, Apple iPad Declines

March 03, 2014 Hannah Eisenberg 0 Comments

Gartner, a leading market research company, published an interesting report today stating that the worldwide tablet sales grew by 68% to 195.4 million units sold in 2013 alone.

tablet on a deskThe other interesting point is that Android tablets blew iOS tablets out of the water. While Apple iPad sales still continue to grow, their overall market share declined to 36% in 2013. Android basically owns the rest of the market with 62% market share, according to Gartner, Inc.

The reasons are the vast amount of small-screen options as well as first-time buyers making the jump to tablets. Formerly an expensive nice-to-have gadget is now within the budget of many consumers while still offering adequate specifications.

Now that the tablet market becomes commoditized, Android has to offer more that better hardware and lower costs. The focus needs to become the apps ecosystem. But Android does not need to worry - it is by far the most popular platform: 80% of developers publish Android apps according to the State of the Apps Industry Snapshot by Millennial Media.

While tablets are not primarily used for internet browsing, Androids are a catalyst for Google apps. But they are for many a gateway to more online time through applications and mobile internet browsing requires responsive web design.


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