Hack Your Content Marketing with these 10 Awesome Tools

By Hannah Eisenberg - May 07, 2014

Making content marketing easierWhat tools do you use to create you content?
We have compiled a list of 10 awesome and crazy useful tools that will make the creation of your next web content, blog posts, infographics and other content that fuels your online marketing.
Because outstanding content is like the gasoline in the Inbound Marketing machine. You need it and without it nothing moves!
So, don't get overwhelmed by the task ahead and have a look at all those content marketing tools below to find out what can make your work day a lot easier - and in many cases more fun!

Writer's Block? Use these tools for Content Discovery and Inspiration

Get inspired by successful content: BuzzSumo

designer furniture - Top Content Search - Google Chrome 542014 112343 AM.bmpHaving trouble to find some smashing topics to write about? With BuzzSumo, you can find the most shared content (infographics, videos, articles, interviews, giveaways, and guest posts) sorted by date to find out what to gets lots of attention.
You can also search for the top influencers just by clicking on "Influencers" instead of top content. BuzzSumo gives you the option to include bloggers, companies, regular people and influencers.
The tool even gives you the option to tweet the influencer, follow them on Twitter or add them to a list which is very useful to promote your content.
Price: BuzzSumo is free and the Pro version is expected soon.

Twitter Analytics with Topsy

Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics  Topsy.com - Google Chrome 572014 12122 PM.bmp

No matter what you have in mind for your next blog topic or long-form content, on Topsy you can search tweets, links, photos, videos or influencers on Twitter in the Social Search to see who is talking about it, what links get shared or who are the people you might want to reach out to in order to promote your content. Or you can analyze the trends of 3 different keywords against each other to see what people tweeting more about in the last month.

Price: Free. There is a Pro Version. According to Rich Maiers, Topsy Pro is $12,000 per named user for an annual subscription. This includes unlimited data and standard email support.

Have Fun with the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator - Google Chrome 542014 15948 PM.bmpThe HubSpot Blog Topic Generator is a fun way to get inspired: Enter three nouns and give it a spin. It will spit out 5 blog topics. Of course, as any auto-generated content, take it with a bit of salt and adjust to fit your brand, voice and content strategy.
In any case, it shows nicely how to write nice headlines.
Price: Free.

Content Creation & Optimization

Scribe - Content Optimization Software for Online Marketing

SEO Software Scribe by CopybloggerScribe by Copyblogger Media is a great tool to improve your content quality, helps you optimize for search engine rankings and even research keywords.
By researching a keyword you want to write content for, you will get a score for the popularity and the competition of this keyword and suggested other related keywords. You can drill down in each keyword for more information and suggestion on how to rank for it, as well as researching on Google Trends and Social Media.
After you edited the title tag, meta description and wrote the content, you can run an analysis on the content you have created and it will give you a Page Score and a Site Score. Scribe will visualize the use of keywords in your content graphically and advise you on steps to take to improve your content.
Then you can use the Link Building Tool to find related content to build internal links.
Price: Scribe is not cheap at $97/month and you can take it on a test drive to see if you like it. The Professional version will give you 300 evaluations and 700 keyword searches. However, if you are using RavenTools, you have Scribe included, so check it our first.

For collaborators & groups: ContentSimply - Content Management in the Cloud

Content Simply EditorContentSimply.com is a neat tool that takes content creation into the cloud.
Instead of emailing it to each other and risking working on an outdated version, content creation is simplified and streamlined by putting it into the cloud. Everyone from the owner of a project, the editor, reviewer, approver and client can work collaboratively on a piece of content.
Price: It is still in beta and pricing starts at $5/month for 5 active projects.

Graphic Content Creation Tools

Illustrate your point: Infogr.am

Infogr.am is an easy and powerful way to create infographics or charts with no design skills needed. The company claims more than 2 million infographics have been created to date.
You can sign up for an account in seconds for a free account and choose from 6 modern templates. You can upload your data from an XLS, XLSX and CSV file or edit them in a built-in spreadsheet. Then you choose from more than 30 chart types, including bubble charts and tree maps to simple pie charts.
However in order to download or share your infographic (other than on Info.gram's website) you have to upgrade to Pro.
If you upgrade your account you can download your infographic in PNG or PDF format, add to presentations or email to colleagues. In addition, you can publish your infographic online, share with your followers in social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Or simply embed it in your blog post or news article. But if you used company-internal or sensitive data, you also have the option to password protect it.
You can see an infographic I made with Infogr.am.
Price: $18/month.

Be creative: PiktoChart

PiktoChart takes a slightly different approach to Info.gram. You can create your own infographic, report, presentation or banner and with no (technical) design skills change the colors, include background images etc. You can share on social media, embed it in a blog post or send it via email for free. There are several free templates to choose from.
If you want to hit the ground running, you can choose one of more than 100 professional themes and work with over 1000 images and icons to tell your story as well as upload more images. As a paying member, you can also export the infographic as HTML or as an image (PNG, JPEG or PDF). And your infographic does not include the PiktoChart watermark.
Price: Monthly cost is $26, companies and agencies can get a discounted price for quarterly and annual billing.

Get more pins with Canva

Use Canva ScreenshotCanva allows you to include stunning graphic design elements in your blog, presentation, flyers, etc. and lets you design Facebook covers in a flash.
I use it for more crafty and design-oriented blogs to create a featured picture including the headline of the post and the blog name as it makes a great Pinterest photo that will get many repins.
It is so easy to use and has so many incredible photos and design elements, it's slightly addictive - so consider yourself warned!
Price: Free for some images, but you will pay if you use stock images etc.

Brighten up your blog with PicMonkey

Another tool that I love to use, and honestly it's more of a mood thing which of the two tools I use that day, is PicMonkey. It has less of the graphical infographic elements or stock photos, but it has nice overlays, so if you just want to pop a banner of a photo and use a beautiful font to convey your headline
Price: Free, but lots of the features need to be unlocked by upgrading to the Pro version for $2.75 a month.

Don't let slides box you in - Prezi

Prezi's zooming presentation software lets you create a stunning presentation that can take your viewer on a journey by zooming in and out: from an overview slide to drilling into further detail of your ideas. Everything in Prezi is designed in 3D which makes you feel like you are moving with the presentation.

You can choose between the cloud, a desktop version, or the mobility of the iPad or iPhone.

Price: Free if you want to create, collaborate, and present online. You will have to upgrade if you want to password protect your presentation, brand it with your own logo and receive support. More advanced features are available for higher versions.

Your Turn: What content marketing tools do you use?

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