Etsy SEO - 5 Tips How To Get More Sales On Etsy Today

By Hannah Eisenberg - July 11, 2013

Etsy InfographicSelling hand-made treasures on Etsy is super "in" now-a-days! Many hobby knitters, jewelry makers and wood craftsmen are quitting their day jobs and try their luck on Etsy.

Its simple, free to join and you can start selling in minutes. But with 15 million other sellers on Etsy, competition is plenty - how can you stand out? How do you make sure that your products are easily found by the right customers?

It takes a lot of hard, diligent work to get all the parts right, but there are some things you can do today to be more visible and get noticed!

But there are 5 easy steps that you can do today to get more sales on Etsy. Here we go:

1) Taking A Step Back

Define Your Etsy Niche

Grab a coffee, a friend, your mother or husband and take a step back - think about your customers. What is your customer like? How old are they? What is their income? Who are they buying for? Do all your products cater to one specific type of buyer? Then define your niche and put yourself in their shoes. What are they like? What do they expect from your product, your customer service? Are shipping times important? Do you require lots of custom request?

Define Keywords or Keyword phrases

Now, that you know who your customer is, think about what language they are using when they are looking for your product. Depending on region there might be different terms for it. Write a long list and run it by some friends and family. If you need some more help, we can assist you with keyword research.

2) Look at Your Product Pictures

Take Outstanding Pictures

Great photographs are a must! Make sure you photograph your products in natural light, with no clutter in the background and show off product details. Your product shots must convey texture, true color and scale of the product. There is nothing worse then a customer who is disappointed with a product because its not true to the picture! Showcase any features that make your item stand out over others and pair it with appropriate (very sparingly used) side props to convey the emotional message you want to bring across! You have 5 spots for pictures - use them!

3) Fine Tune Your Product Description & Title

Your customers are buying your items based on trust. You can build that trust by describing your items accurately including materials used, size or weight, colors, etc. using as much detail as you can. What problems are your customers solving with this item? How can they use it? What special features does it have?

Use Your Keywords Wisely

Make sure you are using your keywords or key phrases in the title, description and tags. If you are in the market to sell a quiet book pattern you have to use the term quiet book pattern in the title (as much in the front as you can get it in without losing readability) and description as well as in your TAGS! Try to make your listings unique from similar listings.

Etsy Keyword Tags

Keyword Tags are Etsy's search engine's guide to what your product is about - that and your title and description of course. Etsy allows you to define 12 tags - each must be under 20 characters. So be inventive and use all of them. Describe color, texture, alternative terms for your product's names and so on. Let's say you make a white children's bookshelf, you would use keyword tags like Bookcase, kids book rack, kids bookrack, book display, book storage, book rack display, wood book rack, wooden book rack, childrens book rack, childrens bookrack, and so on. Those also will be used later for Search Ads.

4) Etsy Shop SEO

Etsy offers its sellers several opportunities to attach keywords to your shop. In the Info & Appearance Section you can edit your shop announcement, welcome message and About Section. Make it warm, tell your story and use the words people would look for when they would want to find you. But do not overuse them - think along the lines of 2-5% of the text should be your specific keywords.

5) Get the word out with Social Media

The importance of social media cannot be understated. It helps you to get the word out to your customers, to have an ongoing conversation with them and even - if you are lucky - listen to what their needs and wishes are. But it also provides you social bookmarks which search engines see as proof that you provide valueable content to customers and give you higher ranking in return. Social Media is a two-prong approach: following and sharing.


Within Etsy, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts in the Info & Appearance Section which allows your customers to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter!


In the product pages, you will find social media sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If your customers share your products, you get by default more exposure but also higher rankings as your search relevancy goes up.

Alright, you have some work cut out for you! Share this post before you go (now that you learned how important sharing is) and come back to tell us how it went!

And if you don't have an Etsy Shop yet but would like one, then use this link to sign up and get 40 listings for free:

Next time: How to Sell More on Etsy - More on Keywords


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