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By Hannah Eisenberg - August 05, 2014

Blogging can be daunting, especially if you are an already overworked small business owner or marketing VP and your boss just dumped the company blog on your already full plate.

Take a deep breath! It's not that bad, if you have a little help from your friends ...

I hope you enjoyed Joe Cocker's rendition of the song "With A Little Help Fron My Friends" - a beautiful song!

So speaking of friends, our friends at HubSpot are always trying to make our lives easier and the new blog blueprint feature in the HubSpot COS is really awesome.

Introducing the HubSpot Blog Post Blueprint

Blog  HubSpot - Google Chrome 832014 95244 PM.bmpBlog Blueprints are handy outlines or templates to help you write instructional how-to, list-based, or visual blog posts.

To get started, navigate in your HubSpot Dashboard to Content > Blog. If this is the first time that you are there, you will be greeted by a popup welcome screen.

In your blog dashboard you have access to published and draft blog posts, you can manage authors, topics and comments, and control your blog settings and templates.

Click on the big blue button "Create a Blog Post" to get started. A box will pop up and you can decide to open a blank post and start from scratch or chose a post blueprint.

If you chose the post blueprint, you have the choice between How To, List-Based or a Visual template.

HubSpot Blog Post Blueprint Getting Started

Instructional or How-To Blog Post

There are several types of blog posts: how-to or instructional blog posts, list blog posts or visual blog posts. The “how to” blog post teaches the reader how to do something by breaking it down into a series of steps. For example a sewing tutorial or How to Add A Picasa Album In your WordPress page are great examples of an instructional blog post.

List Blog Post

A list post is another type of blog post and probably one of the most popular ones as they present content is a very readable format. It lists different headlines with short explanation below them and images to illustrate the points you are making.

Visual Blog Post

A visual blog post features a specific visual element such as a SlideShare presentation, infographic, comic, or high-resolution images. It has an introduction and a conclusion as well as some text in the body where you should summarize your key points or give captions to your images. Include a call to action to share and tweet this.

Let's open a list based template.

If you are using the HubSpot COS for blogging, you are familiar with the divided interface. On the left side it your editor which is usually blank. But since we chose the post blueprint, your editor will have detailed instructional text on how to tackle those three blog post types.

On the right side, all changes will be displayed as it will appear on your blog once the post is published.

Blog  Hubspot List Based Post Template Screenshot

How Will This Improve My Blogging?

HubSpot revamped their blog dashboard and added Post Blueprints to save you time and effort and free you up what is really important: quality content.

In reality, lots of marketers will benefit from those templates as it gives them a starting point. It is a little friend helping you out. You don't stare at a blank piece of paper and get hit by writer's block.

The instructions are easy to follow and you can just start typing and then delete the instructions of the part that you just finished. Small details, such as the "More... " Tag, are important as most less technical users would not know how to add this in.

It also helps you to better outline your post structure and think through your main statements first before just hitting the keyboard.

What do you think? Would you use it?

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Slide In Business Blogging

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