Why We’re Loving HubSpot’s New Reporting Add-On

By Dani Carlo - October 26, 2015

And We Think You Will Too!

If you have ever been involved in your company’s marketing efforts, in any capacity, I am confident you have experienced the following situation: It’s time for the marketing meeting. You’ve pulled reports, and you’re excited to share the progress and important milestones from the past 30 days. You’ve gathered the data, built the presentation, outlined next steps - you think you are fully prepared!

What you hadn’t realized is the CEO didn’t want to know how many new contacts you have gained this month, he wanted to know how many leads have turned into customers. The editorial director didn’t require to know what the conversion rates were; she needed to know which blog posts are performing the best. And the accountant doesn’t want to know what social media engagement looked like, he wanted to know what your marketing spend was last month and how much revenue your new efforts have generated.

We have learned from experience that when it comes to reporting and metrics, you can’t please everyone at the same time. 

The reason, why any good marketing strategy works, is because every employee is invested. Your team supports each new initiative because their department will gain something from it. If you keep this in mind, you can change the way your team reacts to reports by presenting the information that answers the following question: “What’s In It For Me?”

Luckily for all of us, HubSpot has developed a new tool that does just that: the new HubSpot Reporting Add-On.


How Is This Tool Different?

HubSpot’s new reporting add-on is a central dashboard that combines all of your team’s marketing and sales reports into one interface. By bringing all of its reporting capabilities together in one centralized location, sales, marketing and everyone in-between can quickly log on and see the numbers that matter to them.

Each team will not only have quick and easy access to the metrics they handle, but your team will easily be able to see how much progress they’ve made towards specific initiatives. As your strategies continue to evolve, and your company continues to grow, this new dashboard will grow alongside you.

What Problem Will it Solve?

As marketers, we know that there is a need to quantify and report on everything we do. From the number of website visits to the conversion rates of individual landing pages and, ultimately, revenue generated as a result. To appraise the success of our numerous efforts, there are multiple reports and metrics to be taken into consideration.

(Image Credit: HubSpot)

HubSpot’s new reporting dashboard takes all of these reports (and some you haven’t thought of yet) and puts them all into one easily accessible and customizable screen. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The new add-on includes several useful, pre-canned reports to help get you started right away. 

If you or your marketing team could benefit from a single dashboard with multiple views that ultimately takes all of your reports and puts them into one easy to access location, then the new HubSpot reporting add-on may be the right fit for you. 

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