Will You Pass The Inbound Certification Test? Take The Quiz!

By Hannah Eisenberg - May 01, 2015

Proving your skill set as an inbound marketer can be difficult as there is not an extensive MBA program or certification course you can take to prove you got what it takes.

01_HubSpotBadges_V4However, you could take the Inbound Certification test by HubSpot. This test is free and available to everyone. It consists of 60 questions that have to be answered within 90 minutes. If you get 75% or more right, you pass and get your shiny Inbound Certified badge that you can put on your website, in your email signature, on your LinkedIn profile and you can tweet about it!

And if you don't pass, you can always retake the test again. To prepare for the test, there are comprehensive training videos that take you through the basics of Inbound Marketing and through each stage of the Inbound Marketing Methodology: Attract, Convert, Close & Delight.

Not Sure What To Expect From The Test?

If you are a little hesitant about taking the test or you don't know what to expect, we have created a quick 9 question quiz for you to get a feel for what kind of questions you can expect in the test. 

(And there is no time limit on our quiz, but it should take you no longer than 4-5 minutes to answer.)




Study Up For The Test

If you did well, I truly encourage you to take the Inbound Certification Test as soon as possible. And here is a little pro tip: the certification goes by month. It will expire in 13 months. So if you take it today, it will give you 13 full months! 

But before you dive right in, it is worth to study up on the basics. One way of doing this, is to download our "Complete Beginner's Guide To Inbound Marketing" - this will cover a lot of ground in a compact and easy to understand manner. 



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