Get The Most Out Of Your Inbound Marketing Assessment

By Hannah Eisenberg - August 14, 2014

Yesterday I had a call with a potential client that was referred to me by a mutual acquaintance.

His company just poured most of their marketing budget into a new website, but since it has launched, the frustration is growing. Why is this new website not generating any leads? Why are they not getting more email inquiries? What went wrong? He was basically looking for someone to fix it. But he didn't have a clue where to start.

What is an Inbound Marketing Assessment (IMA)?

I took him through what is known as an Inbound Marketing Assessment. It was a tough 45 minutes, but out of the blue towards the end of the call he says:

"You know, I have talked to a lot of companies, but this was the most helpful call by far."

We did not pitch, or sell or even mention what we do. We just tried to help.

An Inbound Marketing Assessment is a 30 - 45 minute conversation with an Inbound Marketing expert. The goal for you is to get helpful insight in what works and what might need improvement in your marketing efforts. We will also share actionable SEO, social media or website usability tips with you on how to improve your website's performance.

For us as an agency, the assessment is a great way to show thought leadership, create trust and see if this potential client would be a great fit for Inbound Marketing. If at the end of the call, we both agree that we would be excited to continue the conversation, we will set up another call to dive deeper into your marketing goals.

5 tips on how to make the most out of your meeting

1) Clear your calendar for 1 hour and give it your full attention

When we schedule your IMA, make sure to pick a time, when you can give me your full attention with no customers walking in that you have to attend to, no children asking for another glass of milk (I know my girls would :)) and no other important phone calls interrupting you.

This conversation will need your full attention because there will be some tough questions - which brings me to tip #2.

2) Be prepared to hear some hard-to-answer questions

Don't worry - we will not be interrogating you. But on the conference call we will ask you a bunch of questions to better understand your business, your past marketing investments, your goals and your current plans on how to achieve them. And some of those might be hard to answer.

I remember when I had my Inbound Marketing Assessment - even though I had no idea that it was called that. It was the hardest but most likely the most helpful conversation I had in a long time. I learned a ton and it made me rethink how I run my business. I took the advice and ran with it... and here I am.

3) Know your numbers

Knowing your numbers will definitely help make this conversation as useful as possible for you because we are no longer guessing in the dark, but have real data to work with.

If you can give us details about your website traffic (e.g., # of unique visitors every month, organic versus paid traffic), your revenue goals (e.g., increase revenue by 20% over the next 6 months by running social media ad campaigns or double the top of the funnel leads by December by adding call to actions on our blog and investing in content marketing services) and your current marketing budget (e.g., $900/month spent on AdWords) will help us determine which half of your marketing budget is working for you and which half needs to be adjusted.

4) Mare sure decision makers are in the room

If you are not the ultimate decision maker for the marketing budget, make sure this person is part of the conversation. Inbound Marketing needs full executive buy-in and you want to make sure you get this commitment from your boss. Also this way, you have a better chance of knowing the full picture and how it fits into the overall company strategy.

5) Have questions ready

We will do our homework before and study up on your company, your website, your blog and your social media. This enables us to find actionable tips that would make the most impact on improving the performance of your website. We don't sell you anything to put those tips into action, you can do all of this by yourself.

But your homework before the call is to think of any question that you might have for us that could help you reach your marketing goals. Use this time to pick our brains.

Have you had an Inbound Marketing Assessment yet? What did you learn? If not, what would you ask?

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