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Why "How Often Should I Redesign My Website?" Is The Wrong Question To Ask

July 28, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

When I was seven years old, we went to the Monza racing track. A friend of my parents had some connections, and we got to watch the Formula 1 race cars do practice rounds. 

It was amazing. We marveled at the amount of noise the cars made as they roared by.

When they finally had finished, we got to sit in one of the racing cars. It was a red Ferrari with huge tires and its body almost laying on the ground.

Sitting in this car, even as a 7-year old, I could feel the enormous power pulsing through it. 

Lats week I was reminded of this precious childhood memory when I was talking with a potential client about a possible inbound marketing retainer. 

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4 Ways Any (Software) Company Can Talk About Pricing On Their Website

July 19, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

You know what happened every single time when I suggest putting the pricing information on the website with a client? I more or less always get adamant pushback! Usually it falls into one of these buckets:

  • I don't want my competition to know what my pricing looks like.
  • We don't do this in our industry!
  • We don't want people to be scared off by our high prices.
  • We have never done this before!
  • Our CEO is against that!
  • We customize our pricing based on the client's needs,
  • We try to get away with as much as we can.

So let me ask you a question. Do you have pricing on your website? No? Why not? 

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Take The Test: Growth Driven Design Or Traditional Web Design?

July 12, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

Did you ever do one of those fun quizzes to find out which country you should move to, which Disney princess you are, or what farm animal you would be? 

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What Can You Expect When Starting With Growth-Driven Design?

July 10, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

A few days ago, we talked about why your new website is likely to fail: Traditionally built websites are incredibly hard to scope, they are developed in a bubble separate from the user, and they won't be improved upon until the next redesign project in 2-3 years. Since this website is the best guess of what will perform best, without any actual user feedback or input, it is bound to result in sub-par performance. 

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Confessions Of A Web Designer: Your New Website Will Fail - And Here's Why!

July 08, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

Ouch, that probably hurt! I know, the last sort of news you want to hear right now is that your brand spanking new website is going to fail. Unfortunately, I am not over-dramatic here. You are probably thinking at this point that I am out of my mind - but bear with me, I promise, it will all make sense. 

I've developed enough websites to know that if they are only built around the business, rather than the user, they will fall short regarding performance and user experience. This, in turn, will stunt your website's contribution to lead generation and its potential as a business development asset which will lead to negative repercussions on your bottom line!

And there is a simple reason for it! To illustrate, let me tell you a story about Mary.

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12 Inspirational Social Media Posts For Flooring and Countertop Manufacturers

June 16, 2016 Dani Carlo

As a flooring or countertop professional, your showroom is your sanctuary: a place where you can showcase your work, meet potential clients, learn more about their needs and hopefully build trust. What many flooring and countertop manufacturers don't realize is how easy it is to create a similar experience online through social media.

What many flooring and countertop manufacturers don't realize is how easy it is to create a similar experience online through social media — reachable anytime and from anywhere without being bound by location or store hours. And while you have to run your hand over the countertop of your choice or see a sample of your dream flooring in real daylight, social media can help your potential buyers get a sense for your products.

You may not have realized that you're actually in the ideal industry to utilize all that social media has to offer!

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5 Quick Projects You Are Better Off Hiring An Inbound Marketing Company

June 14, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

Did you know that three out of four marketers worldwide prioritize Inbound Marketing over outbound? That is great news, right? It really is! The tide lifts all ships, and if we all become more inbound-oriented (i.e., provide value and being helpful instead of always be closing pushy), marketing in itself will transform!

In fact, according to the B2B Technology Marketing Community, B2B marketers say that their greatest barriers to lead generation success are the lack of resources in staffing, budgeting, or time!

However, if you look at the effectiveness of these efforts, you might be in for a surprise! Only 6% of companies surveyed by the CMI 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Study feel they are very effective in using content marketing; 24% are using it effectively. Not to speak of lead generation or marketing automation.

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Tech Marketers: 5 Simple Steps You  Should Take To Simplify Your Content

June 09, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

What's the difference between selling furniture and software?

Yup, you got it! Everyone knows what a couch is, and the most explaining you have to do is about the materials used or the style. However, for the most part, a couch is a couch — it speaks for itself. 

As for software..., well that is an entirely different story. 

Last year, I had an interesting conversation with one of my clients, Barry from Juriba — a software company that helps enterprises manage large IT Transformation projects and achieve Evergreen IT.  

He explained to me what their product does. I have a double degree in computer science and business, and I did marketing for a huge software company for ten years, but it took a while to explain it in all its glory. (By the way: None of that information was on the website at the time.) 

When he finished, he wrapped up his explanation with something like: "Yeah, we are not Microsoft selling Windows, and everyone knows what it does. We always have much explaining to do!"

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What Presidential Election Campaigns Can Teach You About A/B Testing

June 07, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

In December 2007, the Obama campaign started a single experiment that would raise $60 million by adding a splash page on the campaign website. The team tested the effectiveness of four different buttons ("Join Us Now", "Sign Up Now", "Sign Up', and "Learn More") as well as three videos and three images — resulting in 24 combinations.

Without the experiment, the team would have gone with a combination that was strongly favored by all but resulted only in a sign-up rate of 8.26%. The winning combination, however, generated more than 7 million email addresses (40.6% improvement!). That is a difference of more than 2.8 million email addresses and since every person who signed up donated about $21 to the campaign, we are talking about raising a substantial amount of money!

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8 Lessons Learnt From Using HubSpot For 2 Years As A Digital Marketing Agency

May 25, 2016 Hannah Eisenberg

A few days ago, I shared with you the results we have seen from doing Inbound Marketing with HubSpot for two years. Today, I want to dig a little deeper and look at what went well and what didn't go as hoped.

In my first year using HubSpot, I set out to become the best example for my clients. We set the bar so high for ourselves knowing that if we could reach our lofty goals, our customers would see the types of remarkable things we were able to do for them first hand. Well, we did not only reach those goals, we surpassed them! In fact, we did so well that HubSpot featured 3P Creative Group as a customer success story on their website!

In our second year, our client work outperformed the work we did for our agency.  We had done such a good job for ourselves that the work kept coming in high demand, and quickly. Client work became the primary focus and, well, we could have done things better.


Here are some of the bumps in the road we could have avoided, lessons we learned, and how we plan to make our third year even stronger:

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