Would You Remove Blog Comments? Copyblogger did.

By Hannah Eisenberg - March 25, 2014

people talkingThe announcement to remove blog comments on the Copyblogger blog was made a few days ago. My immediate reaction was - No Way!

I have been following Copyblogger for years now and I am a huge fan. They teach writers and web marketers some pretty awesome stuff about content marketing. Their mission statement actually is "teaching people how to create killer online content." (I am actually submitting my Authority Certification in the next few days. Pretty intimidating... )

Anyway, when you check them out (and you really should) you will see that they write very conversational. They inspire you, stimulate your brain and get ideas flowing. And when you are done reading, you just really want to respond with something awesome.

I have commented on some of their articles as well. So for me, this was a shock.

Does removing blog comments make sense?

Well in this particular case, this move makes a lot of sense.

Copyblogger moderated and approved over 130,000 legitimate comments over the years. But that was only the tiny tip of a massive iceberg: spam comments made up the other 96% of the comments the blog received. The spam management wasted precious time and resources.

A more strategical reason is that Copyblogger has reached a critical mass to carry itself. They have their loyal audience and established social media outposts. If you really want, you can have a conversation with them there. Which results in tons of social proof for others that Copyblogger is worth reading. It also avalanches a ton of social signals to search engines. Which is great for SEO.

But the best reason is that Copyblogger encourages its readers to create their own content on their own websites. Or as Sonia Simone puts it: "If you’re going to put the work in to articulate your thoughts, to make an intelligent argument, and to bring something fresh to the conversation … you should be putting that work into your site, not ours."

So, I followed her advice and wrote this blog post. :)

Should you get rid of comments on your blog?

Probably not. Unless you have a well-established audience that will follow you anywhere and keeps the conversation going, you should keep the ability for your users to comment.

What do you think of this move? Would you ever get rid of your blog comments?

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