7 Sure-Fire Ways To Squeeze More Traffic from Your Blog Post

By Hannah Eisenberg - September 11, 2014

7 Sure-Fire Ways To Squeeze More TrafficLet's face it: creating blog posts on a consistent basis is hard.

For an unaccustomed writer the writing part alone can take hours... and if you only write one blog post a week, you need to leverage every single blog post to its fullest and squeeze out maximum traffic for your website.

Here are 15 ways how you get maximum return on investment for every single blog post:

1) Write A Outstanding Headline To Attract People To Click

Obviously... I know - but an often a neglected afterthought.

In this world of information overload, the headline is your teaser, your best shot at grabbing people's attention and getting them to click on your link.

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Here are some suggestions on how to craft a headline that drives traffic:

  • Statement: Buying A Used Car Can Save Money
  • Question: How can buying a used car save you money?
  • Speak to Your Audience: What dads like you need to know about buying a used car
  • Instructional: How to save money by buying a used car
  • Numbers: 10 Tips to Save You Money When Buying A Used Car

Pro Tip: Make it short and sweet! Headlines under 50 characters can be easily re-tweeted.

2) State The Benefits of Clicking on Your Blog Post In Your Meta Title & Meta Description

If you are a WordPress user and you have Yoast's SEO plugin, creating a meta title and meta description is a 30 second task. While not much of a ranking factor nowadays, Google still reads it and a well-crafted meta description increases your chances of the user actually clicking on the link.

Pro Tip: Make it clear what to expect when the visitor clicks on the link. You can also include a call to action such as "Click here to learn how to...".

3) Add Social Media Optimized Images To Make Sharing Easier

You can use Canva, PicMonkey or other free tools to optimize your images for social media. This will make it easier and get you more engagement (hence more traffic) for your visitors to share them on social media.

Depending on who your target audience is, you should include optimized images for the social media platform where your best buyer persona is hanging out (and most likely to see your post and re-share it):

  • Pinterest (735 x 1102 pixel)
  • Twitter (1024 x 512 pixel)
  • Facebook (940 x 788 pixel)

Pro Tip: Include the headline of your post (at least for Pinterest) as well as an image title and alt image attributes.

4) Include Quotes, Statics or Notable Facts To Tweet About

Give them something awesome to tweet, post or share in a way that is most convenient.

This can be anything from an expert tip, statistic, quote or a notable fact you would like your users to share with their network. This not only gets your blog post out there, but gives your readers something awesome to share. A Win-Win!

Applications such as Tweet This allows you to generate a tiny piece of code that you can paste in your blog post (WordPress users switch to Text Mode for this). Now, when your reader wants to tweet about your blog post, they click on the Tweet This link and voila, a window pops up with a pre-populated tweet.

Tweet This Screenshot
Click Here To Tweet This: Give your readers something to tweet about & make it as simple as possible.

5) Create Nuggets For Social Media Posting

Spend 10 minutes to go through your post and write up 3-5 nuggets to make your social media sharing as efficient and easy as possible. If your blog post is broken out into subheadlines, use them to create a tweet or post. You want to vary the length as your Twitter text should be no more than 60 characters so you can include the link and still have space for people to add when they re-tweet. For a Google+ post on the other hand, it pays to have a short summary written out.

6) Schedule Social Media Posts

If you are active on social media and share, post and engage with other influencers content, you can post your blog posts several times, definitely on Twitter.

If you are a HubSpot user, you should definitely use the HubSpot Social Media Inbox Publishing Tool to schedule your social media posts. Use the social media nuggets that you created and paste them in spaced out time slots. Go back every week to see which posts have performed the best and reschedule them.

Pro Tip: You want to be careful to not repeat yourself too many times, especially if you are not very active on social media. Look at your stream right now to see how much content is from you versus others.

7) Reach out to Influencers

Lastly, build relationships with other influencers in your industry and encourage them to share your content. Don't have a network of awesome authorities yet? Use the BuzzSumo Influencer Search to find and engage with them.

Email them once in a while with your best piece of content and pitch to them in a short personal email why this is awesome and what the benefits would be for their audience. Include their handle when you share your content to notify them that you posted something interesting.

What About You?

Do you have any interesting tips to share how you get the most out of your blog posts? Please share them below in the comments! We would love to continue this conversation.

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