What Successful Link Building and Homecoming Queens Have in Common

By Hannah Eisenberg - July 01, 2014

Successful Link Building is like becoming Home Coming QueenLink building is tough. Especially if you are an introvert like me.

Building lots of high-quality links is very important for ranking in search engines as it counts as a vote of popularity for Google and other search engines.

But if you have a new website or you are just starting to invest in content marketing you can quickly feel like the unpopular kid in town.

And link building really is a lot like getting all the popular high school kids to vote for you as the next home coming queen if you are not so popular.

The only difference is, if you do link building wrong, the big and mighty Google might penalize you.

The only safe long-term strategy is outstanding and valuable content.

There are several ways to get links to your growing site:

  • Industry Influences - build relationships to the big names out there in your industry by posting insightful comments, responding to their tweets and linking to their content.
  • Outdated Content - if you come across a blog post or web page that has great content but is completely outdated, you could write a new version of this, include brand new insights and then go back to the page owner and ask them if they want to link to your updated content.
  • Answer questions - One of my favorite. Find forums and social media hangouts of your customers and find questions that you could answer with any of your content. If you come across a question that would make a great blog post, write one and then post it.
  • Infographics - If you took the time to build a great infographic, which gets tons of attention, make sure to create and embed a code snippet under the infographic so anyone who will use the infographic will link back to you. Siege Media created a handy little embed code generator for that.
  • Write an industry study - With more and more businesses investing in content marketing, the need for citations is exploding. Create a targeted and short survey with Survey Monkey or similar.

Photo Credit: By Tulane Public Relations [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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