10 Useless Things You Can Cut From Your Marketing

Are you wasting your time and energy on outdated marketing techniques? How do you know which work and which don't?

Today's marketing professionals are overwhelmed. Every week there seems to be something new we must be doing or we will be left behind or a new tool we must learn how to use or we will miss out. But just as fast as these new tools and techniques pop up, other approaches or ideas are outdated. Or worse, they were never a good idea to begin with.

Become A More Efficient Marketer By Cutting Out These Outdated Things Out 

How do you know which trends is here to stay and worth investing time and energy in? Which will actually help you reach your goals? To help transform you into a more efficient marketer, we're sharing ten things you can cut from your marketing today, as well as where you should be spending that previously wasted time.