Juriba Creates A Significant Competitive Advantage With Inbound Marketing


Juriba's industry-leading IT Transformation and Evergreen IT Management solution, Dashworks, empowers enterprises and large organizations to keep their IT environment always up-to-date, secure, and productive by applying automation and smart workflows. So far, Dashworks was used to ready more than 8 million assets for migration.

Just as their primary goal is to enable their clients to be as efficient and productive as possible, they were looking for a marketing agency that would become a long-term partner to support the company's marketing efforts in a smart, efficient, and productive way. 



Before working with 3P Creative Group, Juriba generated about 80-100 leads a month, but barely a handful was actually big enough to benefit from the company's automation solution. Consequently, sales people spent a lot of time qualifying and chasing useless leads. 

In addition, the company's website was completely outdated, hard to use, and rigid. It also did not represent the breadth and depth of the software solution, nor did it properly explain how it could be used — leading to confusion and frustration. What was needed was a growth-driven marketing solution!

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5,500+ Qualified Enterprise Leads Generated

Juriba operates in a small niche market targeting IT executives and project managers in large organizations which are notoriously hard leads to generate. Due to the targeted marketing, sales people now follow up with a consistently growing pipeline of highly qualified leads every month. In fact, Juriba had to hire more than a dozen additional sales people.

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Enviable, High-Performing Content

Over the past few years, 3P helped Juriba publish hundreds of well-performing, long-form blog posts — some of them getting 100,000+ views. As a result, a single blog post contributed to generating $150,000 in revenue. The quality and helpfulness is often commented on by customers, peers, and even Microsoft.

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Smart Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement

To lessen the burden on the sales team, incoming inbound marketing leads are automatically emailed by enrolling them into smart workflows that not only qualify the leads, but also nurture certain leads over time through highly personalized emails. In addition, a newly built partner portal helps build long-term relationships with large ISVs and consulting firms.





Getting A Head Start From The Beginning

Before working with 3P Creative Group, Juriba was blogging and had rudimentary marketing automation using InfusionSoft. Within the first 4 months of the engagement, 3P built a new HubSpot-hosted website optimized for Inbound Marketing, imported the older blog posts, and audited the existing marketing automation before switching salvageable parts to the HubSpot platform. 

To sharpen the marketing message and more effectively target Juriba's optimal buyers, 3P held a value proposition and messaging workshop, defined Juriba's primary buyer personas, and created a blueprint for the company's Inbound Marketing strategy. All those are reviewed and revived on a regular basis. 

The immediate results (45% increase in website traffic and 1200% increase in qualified leads among others) were so astonishing, HubSpot awarded 3P Creative Group a Best Client Growth Story award.

Sustainable Competitive Advantages Build On Organic Growth

Over the past five years, monthly marketing efforts were divided into two categories: foundation building activities (such as regular blogging and social media management) and growth drivers. The latter are flexible and depend on the company's current needs and goals. These included creating downloadable eBooks and whitepapers, promoting webinars, and much more. In addition, iterative growth-driven website updates and additions improved the website rankings, usability, and function. 

Since Juriba has invested in Inbound Marketing and marketing automation for the past five years, the company's blog, resource center, and website hold an enormous arsenal of content that is continuously attracting quality leads, helping sales people nurture prospects into customers, and turning customers into promoters. 


"The quality of 3P Creative Group's work is superb. I haven't seen their level of proactiveness and drive in other companies. They absolutely guide us as much as we lead them, which is a value-add that I appreciate. I can't speak highly enough of them. Meeting 3P Creative Group is the best thing that's happened to our company."

- Barry Angell, CTO Juriba

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Over the past five years, Juriba has tremendously grown and developed as a company. Since August 2017 alone, Juriba more than doubled in size in terms of employees. In fact, Juriba had to expand its sales and pre-sales team by more than 200%. 

In the past few months alone, Juriba has been featured on Sky TV as a leader in Digital Transformation and was invited to contribute content to Microsoft's new Endpoint Manager website. Furthermore, BGF, the most active investor in growth businesses in the United Kingdom and Ireland, invested in Juriba to boost accelerated product development and drive international scale.

In the past fiscal year, Juriba grew by 23% and within the past five years the company has been able to realize 400% revenue growth since working together. Despite hard economic times, Juriba is looking at a very optimistic future — thanks to a massive lead pipeline. 


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