Increase Your Tradeshow ROI By Promoting It With Inbound Marketing 


The Average Tradeshow Costs +$25,000! 

Only when executed strategically, exhibiting at an industry conference will help you build your brand, generate sales leads, and strengthen relationships with customers and key prospects. 

However, according to EXHIBITOR Magazine, the average budget for a tradeshow event with a 20x20 booth including travel expenses refurbished booth designs and display items, shipping and much more adds up to more than $25,000 per event.

The amount allocated to promoting the event averages out to 8% of the total event budget, which isn't much considering the size of your investment. Trade show marketing is a complicated process, and to get the ROI you're looking for you must be strategic.


Let's Talk About Your Tradeshow!

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Boost Your Tradeshow ROI The Inbound Marketing Way

What Is Your Return-on-Investment?

But even with your budget mostly spent on rental, travel and booth designs, you don't have to accept meager turn-out at your booth and endless conversations leading to nowhere as a given.

You can use the power of inbound marketing to prepare and follow up with your leads and customers.

When planning your tradeshow, think about your marketing goals in general and your tradeshow goals in particular:

  • Are you looking to increase new leads, sales, traffic to your website, social media following, or blog subscriptions?

  • Is there a certain number of contacts, prospects, or closed customers you'd like to leave with? What does success look like?

Now let's take these goals and turn them into reality!

What you can expect:

  • Kickoff / Brainstorming Meeting
  • Blog topics based on your marketing goals
  • Beautiful landing and thank you pages with professionally written copy to encourage prospects, customers and other visitors to schedule time with you
  • Multiple Call-to-Action buttons and corresponding artwork
  • Two blog posts promoting your participation at the trade-show
  • Two promotional emails (incl. lead segmentation in HubSpot)
  • Promotional social media messages up to 2 weeks before and until 1 week after
  • If you are presenting: Uploading your presentation on Slideshare
    Continuous project management
  • Wrap up meeting and knowledge transfer (incl. checklists, email templates, etc.)

What we need from you:

  • Tradeshow Information (e.g., Date, location, booth number, etc.)
  • Existing Collateral (e.g., Presentations, pitch decks, brochures, etc.)
  • Any branding guidelines you might have
  • Access to your marketing automation (HubSpot) portal
  • Marketing & Tradeshow Goals

Aside from taking all the email marketing, blogging, and social media off your plate so you can manage your trade-show preparations, we will also provide you with the expertise, skills, and professionalism to make each and every trade-show to come well worth the investment.

One-Time Investment: $1,950