Transform The Way You Sell 

Inbound_Sales_Training.pngDid you know that today's buyers complete more than 68% of their decision-making process before ever contacting a sales person?

With inbound marketing, it's possible to reach the prospects that are looking for your solutions. Unfortunately, if your sales team is still cold-calling, using pushy sales tactics, and isalways looking for a fast close, your sales pipeline will dry up fast!

Inbound Is All About Sales

Let me tell you a little secret: Inbound Marketing, and HubSpot, is all about sales. Ultimately, your marketing is generating and nurturing leads for you to pick up.

Thousands of companies around the globe have realized this, seen the results, and are trying to embrace inbound sales. However, sales teams often fail to leverage the work marketing has already done. More than 90% of the content assets marketing teams have created will never be reused by sales! 

Don't reinvent the wheel! Learn how to leverage marketing's hard work to your advantage and nurture your leads by employing personalized sales sequences and modern sales technology! Not only will you save hours every day, but you'll quickly become more effective. 

Workshop Details

The one-day workshop will be held in a location of your choice - in-house or in meeting facilities nearby. The general agenda for the workshop day is as follows:

  • 8am - 9am: Breakfast
  • 9am - 12pm: Workshop
  • 12pm - 1pm: Lunch
  • 1pm - 4pm: Executive Briefing 

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form on the right to schedule your initial consulation to learn more! If you are still wondering if this workshop is for you or if you have any outstanding questions, let us help you today.

Investment: $7,500 (one-time)