Webinar: 5 Trends That Will Drive Marketing In 2016

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As a marketing professional, you need to continuously increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and have the metrics to prove it. What will drive your team’s marketing success in 2016? In this webinar, 3P Creative Group's Inbound Marketing Expert, Danielle Carlo, and Chief Inbound Marketing Scientist, Hannah Eisenberg, will walk you through five key trends that will drive the marketing industry in 2016 and what you need to take advantage of them.

How prepared are you for these 2016 trends? 

  1. Growth-Driven Design: How do you know your newly launched website will perform better than the last? Are you continuously improving your website based on user feedback? We will show you a revolutionary approach to web design that integrates your users into the design process to boost performance. 
  2. Contextual Marketing: Are you giving each visitor a personal experience with smart content that’s relevant to their needs and interests? We will show you intelligent and creative ways to provide content in the context of the visitor!
  3. Marketing Automation: What happens once a lead fills out a form on your website, but they are not ready to buy yet? Learn how creative lead nurturing strategies and personalized, targeted content can help move your prospects through your sales funnel.
  4. Email Marketing: How well do you know each lead in your database? Can you track activities, segment your lists and automate workflows based on lead actions?  Email marketing is far from dead, but today's email marketing is highly targeted and personalized!
  5. Sales & Marketing Alignment: Is everyone in your organization on board with inbound marketing? Do they know their role in terms of content creation? Learn why a formal sales and marketing alignment is vital to the success of your inbound marketing strategy and how to get your team to embrace it.

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