6 Month Personal Coaching Program WOMEN ONLY

Routine Revolution:
Create Routines. Transform Your Life.

As women, we never put ourselves first.

We take care of our children, we run our households, we have full-time jobs, we do our best to be loving partners to our spouses, we volunteer for our community, ... and the list goes on! 

Most of us just keep going — until something breaks. We either burn out or, as in my case, receive a life-changing wake-up call. Last year, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. When that happens, your life screeches to a halt. You take stock. You reassess your priorities. And you realize very quickly: life needs to change.

We can't keep giving from an empty cup. We need to start investing in our own health and well-being, and create opportunities to pursue our dreams. This means you can either go on an "Eat, Pray, Love"-type retreat (which, let's face it, would be amazing but is unrealistic) or you need to create daily routines you can stick to despite having a busy life.

How It Works

The coaching program lasts six months. 

  • Week 1: Together, we will set one realistic goal across the five areas that most impact your life: your body/health, mind, faith/spirituality, family, and career.
  • Week 2: We will build a morning, afternoon, and evening routine to enable you to achieve these five goals.
  • Week 4: We review your routine and make tweaks as needed to seamlessly fit into your schedule while allowing you to achieve your goals.
  • Weeks 6-22: We will meet every two weeks. I will hold you accountable, help you stay on track, and work through any challenges along the way to make those routines stick.
  • Week 24: We review your progress and celebrate you for achieving your goals!

Investment: $600 per month (total of $3,600 over six months)


Over the next six months, we will create routines to tackle all five areas:


Transform Your Body

Why do we always neglect our bodies until we are sick? Let's tackle that health and wellness goal you always wanted to achieve, whether it is to get back into shape, lose that weight, or lower your cholesterol.


Transform Your Faith

Become a more loving human being and re-kindle that sense of wonder only faith and spirituality can bring into your life. Together, we will carve out the time and space in your busy life to reconnect and give your life more meaning.

MindIcon (1)

Transform Your Mind

We all want to be smarter, read that business book sitting on our desk, or finally acquire that skill we always wanted to learn. Together, we will create a routine that integrates continuous learning into your day.

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Transform Your Career

Are you eying that promotion? Do you want to leave your job and pursue your dream? Want to write a book? Let's put a daily routine in place that will set you up for success in reaching your career goal, one step at a time.

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Transform Your Family

As working women, we always feel guilty. Don't wait any longer to make priceless memories. We'll create a routine that carves out precious quality time with your spouse, your children, and your family — without having to compromise.

What Could Your Life Look Like In Six Months?

Imagine six months from now: You practice yoga for 20 minutes five days a week, your relationship with your teenage daughter has transformed into a much closer bond, your cup is overflowing with gratitude as you make time every day for prayer or meditation, and your promotion is finally within reach because you just got that certification. 

What would this change look like for you? What would be the impact on your life if you achieved one of your big goals in terms of transforming your health, mind, spirituality, family, and career?

I invite you to take a moment to think about what you could achieve in just six short months.

About Me

My name is Hannah Eisenberg and I am a digital sales and marketing coach helping organizations change their company culture to become the best teachers in their industry with the goal of building trust. 

When I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive breast cancer in January 2023, my world turned upside-down. All I could think of was how precious life was and how badly I wanted to see my girls grow up. I realized that I needed to prioritize the important things in life more, like taking care of my body, spending quality time with my family, and pursuing my hobbies.

What got her through a year of grueling treatments and surgeries was creating little routines. Routines not only gave me a sense of control but also empowered me to take tiny steps toward getting through this overwhelming mess.

To help other women create a more meaningful and fulfilling life, I want to use her coaching skills and what I have learned about creating habits and routines in a new coaching program only for women: Routine Revolution.

Hannah Eisenberg

Step 1: Let's Talk

Schedule a 30-minute conversation with me to see if coaching is for you. This is completely free and there are no strings attached.

Step 2: Decide If Coaching Is For You

After our conversation, take some time to think it over and decide if coaching is right for you. 

Step 3: Envision Your Goals

Now that you have decided to embrace the journey, envision your goals. What would you like to work on and what would success look like for you?

Have Questions?

What are sample goals?

Sometimes it is hard to imagine what you can (and what you can't) change in six months. Below are some goals that are not only life changing but can be achieved in just six months. 


  1. Improve cardiovascular health by incorporating 20 minutes of exercise five times a week. 
  2. Adopt a whole foods diet, reducing processed foods, and increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins by consistently meal planning.


  1. Read one non-fiction book a month or listen to one audiobook every week. 
  2. Learn a new language, a software tool, or a creative hobby, and dedicate time each week to mastering it.


  1. Dedicate a specific time each day for meditation or prayer to deepen your spiritual practice and enhance mindfulness.
  2. Find a local or online group that shares your spiritual or faith-based interests to connect with like-minded individuals.


  1. Plan weekly activities or outings with family or friends to strengthen your bonds and create lasting memories.
  2. Make it a daily habit to express gratitude and appreciation for the people in your life, whether through verbal acknowledgment, writing, or small acts of kindness.


  1. Identify areas for growth and seek out courses, workshops, or certifications that could enhance your skills and value in your field.
  2. Aim to connect with a certain number of professionals in your industry each month, whether through online platforms, industry events, or local meetups, to expand your network and open up new opportunities.
What happens if I am not happy with the coaching program?

My goal is to empower you to change your daily routines and enable you to achieve five realistic goals we agree on together at the beginning of the journey. If you aren't happy with the support you are receiving, you can cancel at any time.

If you go through the six months and put in the work, but you are not satisfied with the results we achieved together, you can ask for your money back. My only ask is that we have an honest conversation as to where things went off track.

Not Sure If This Is Right For You?

If you are on the fence, schedule a call with me anyway. I won't be selling you or pushing you into signing up because that won't be a good idea for any of us. Even if we decide not to work with each other, you will walk away with more clarity and some valuable tips on how to tweak your daily routines. No matter what, it's a win-win.