Be More Efficient With Inbound Sales Enablement

The Average Leads Needs Up To 8 Follow-Ups

Automate Your Sales Follow-Up To Free Up Your Team To Focus On What Really Matters

The best sales people are extroverts that excel at face-to-face conversations. However, when it comes to composing follow-up emails, many struggle and even avoid the follow-up entirely.

Although this part of the process may not be a strong suit, studies confirm it takes contacting prospects 8 times, on average, before they replyWho wants to manage following up with all of your leads if they require so much time and energy to close? Is it even possible?

As a result, companies have realized they must increase their budgets to improve the effectiveness of their sales teams and many have turned to inbound sales enablement to close the loop from click to close.

We will carefully craft a series of emails to automate the follow up with your prospects over time and leverage HubSpot's ability to personalize messages to make each of your leads feel special. This enables you to track every message so you can focus on the most effective approaches to close deals. 


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We will handle the heavy lifting, giving you the ability to follow up with more prospects and close more business in a fraction of the time.

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