Cracking The Code — The Secret To Ridiculously Well-Performing Websites

Watch this on-demand webinar as Luke Summerfield, HubSpot's Chief Evangelist for Growth Driven Design and Hannah Eisenberg, 3P Creative Group's founder and award-winning website strategist will crack the secret code and reveal:

  • How we increased a software company's lead pipeline by 13x within 5 months of going live
  • Why the traditional website design process is crippling your website performance
  • How to approach your website design process to be faster, less expensive and always in scope
  • What you can do today to take the first steps to get more out of your website
  • What to look out for when hiring a website design company for your next redesign 

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Some websites perform better than others — we reveal the secret why!

Websites used to augment the sales person, however now, it is the other way around. Modern buyers rely almost exclusively on the website and other content found online in the purchasing decision process. The quality of your website directly correlate with your bottom line! 

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Who Is This Webinar For?

This on-demand webinar is intended for strategic-minded and data-driven Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Managers, and other executives who are looking to significantly improve the performance of their website in the next 12-18 months. 


Luke Summerfield, Chief Evangelist for Growth-Driven Design for Hubspot, founded and lead Growth-Driven Design - an internal startup focused on transforming the way the world builds and optimizes websites.

In the first fifteen months, we grew from 0 - 1000+ agencies in 56 different countries implementing Growth-Driven Design with clients. 

Hannah Eisenberg

Hannah Eisenberg, CEO of 3P Creative Group and award-winning website strategist, has been an avid GDD fan since Day One.

As a computer scientist by training, Hannah was excited to see agile development based on user feedback and rich data insights applied to web design. Since than, she won a HubSpot Impact Award for "Best Client Growth Story" for for work.